CO2 Control Basic package

Kundo xT CO2 control complete basic security package Carbon Dioxide CO2 for gastronomic and light industrie | complete with all cables and fastening materials

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CO2 CONTROL basic package

Consisting of: 

  • Warning unit with 3 meter data cable - 220V cable 1.2 meters with molded plug
  • Sensor unit with sensor / data cable 3 meters 
  • IP65 Junction box with 4 Wago clamps 
  • Mounting materials and manual 

Description: Secure one maximum two spaces via the control panel / warning unit. 

Areas of application: primarily in the hotel and catering industry, the security of beer cellars, cold rooms, carbonated cylinder rooms, preparation kitchens with table water systems and simple industrial applications. 

Optional: Expandable with additional components such as signal unit, switching unit or a second sensor unit

Technical data
Measuring principle: selective IR absorption
Gas type: only carbon dioxide
Pre-alarm: 1.5% - optical and acoustic
Main alarm: 3.0% - optical and acoustic
Measuring range: 0-5 CO2 Vol. %
Data transfer: RS 485 interface
Supply voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Legal maintenance
Replace sensor: every four years
Temperature range
Space: -20 ° C to +80 ° C
Company: 0 ° C to +40 ° C
Manufacturer's warranty
one year: on the entire device
four years: on the sensor
Optical indications
1 LED green: in operation
1 LED yellow: fault
1 LED red: gas alarm
Dimensions (HxWxD): 80 x 108 x 80mm
Housing: IP54
Very complete delivery
1 sensor: with 3 meter data cable
1 alarm unit: with 3 meters of data cable
220 volt connection: 1.8 mtr molded plug
1 junction box: IP65 with 4 Wago terminals
Fastening material: 2 dinrail screws plugs
extra sensor: secure 2nd room
extra alarm unit: secure 2nd entrance
data extension cable: maximum 100 mtr
Connection box: recognizable & error-free
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