CO2 Control PA basic package

Kundo xT CO2 Control basic-kit PC includes potential free contacts

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CO2 CONTROL basic package + PA 

Potential free connections 

This KundoxT CO2 control basic package is equipped with potential free connections in low current. All operating statuses and warnings can be connected to the "outside world" 

Consisting of: 

  • Warning unit with 3 meter data cable - 220V cable 1.2 meters with ferrules 
  • A 5 wire PA cable connections with ferrules fixed to the warning unit 3 m 
  • Sensor unit with sensor / data cable 3 meter 
  • IP65 junction box with 4 Wago clamps 
  • Fixing materials and manual (download above)


Carbon Dioxide gas detector, secure of one maximum two rooms via the control panel / warning unit against the dangers of CO2 carbon dioxide. 


Extend with additional components such as a signal unit, switching unit or a second sensor unit.

Mainly in the catering industry, protection of beer cellars, cold rooms, CO2 cylinder rooms, preparation kitchens with table water systems and simple industrial applications.

Technical data
Measuring principle: selective IR absorption
Gas type: only carbon dioxide
Pre-alarm: 1.5% - optical and acoustic
Main alarm: 3.0% - optical and acoustic
Measuring range: 0-5 CO2 Vol. %
Data transfer: RS 485 interface
Supply voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Legal maintenance
Replace sensor: every four years
Temperature range
Space: -20 ° C to +80 ° C
Company: 0 ° C to +40 ° C
Manufacturer's warranty
one year: on the entire device
four years: on the sensor
Optical indications
1 LED green: in operation
1 LED yellow: fault
1 LED red: gas alarm
Dimensions (HxWxD): 80 x 108 x 80mm
Housing: IP54
Very complete delivery
1 sensor: with 3 meter data cable
1 alarm unit: with 3 meters of data cable
PA cable: 3 meters 5 colored cores
220 volt connection: 1.8 m with connector
1 junction box: IP65 with connection block
Fastening material: 2 dinrail screws plugs
extra sensor: secure 2nd room
extra alarm unit: secure 2nd entrance
data extension cable: maximum 100 mtr
Junction box: recognizable & error-free
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