Kundo xT exchange sensor easy DIY exchange every four years

Easily and inexpensively meet the legally prescribed requirement to maintain the carbon dioxide detector according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

Kundo XT overhauls, calibrates and guarantees, among other things, the Sensor and supplies it for a pleasant price as an "exchange sensor" for simple replacement. This prevents expensive on-site calibration and your company is unprotected for just a few seconds. 

The revision devices are also advantageous for defective carbon dioxide CO2 products. 

How to determine which device is defective: 

The sensor is defective if you first get a green light after initialization and yellow after +/- 3 minutes (operating failure) 

The alarm unit is defective if it becomes very hot or if you receive constantly changing status messages after initializing. 

SENSOR disassembly & installation NOTE: DIN rail assembly 

  • Remove the plug from the socket. 
  • Loosen the cable gland on the sensor and disconnect the connection. 
  • Take a look at the back of the exchange sensor to see how the clamp works.
  • Insert a small screwdriver diagonally upwards along the bottom and move the handle upwards to open the clamp and remove the old sensor from the DIN rail 
  • Hook the new sensor into the DIN rail from above and snap the bottom into place 
  • Attach the cable connection, first adjust plug and then tighten the cable gland 
  • Stripe the sticker off with a felt-tip pen so that a date remains visible in four years and stick it on the sensor (stick a copy to the alarm unit) 


  • keep the push button aus / off pressed and insert the plug into the wall socket, do not release the button until the device makes a sounds 
  • Green LED? yes everything is okay. Don't forget ...... Send the old sensor back to us 
  • Immediately YELLOW LED? problem = no connection to the Sensor. Check all connections and see if the sensor plug is complete and correctly attached. Remove the 220V plug and reinitialize. 

Still having problems? write down both serial numbers of Alarmunit and Sensor and call us

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